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Bullseye. The Wildcat Arrow Power Unit hits the mark for farmers, ranchers, and contractors who demand an alternative to diesel power units. Powered by the bi-fuel A54E and KP6E engines from Arrow Engine Company (Tulsa, OK), The Wildcat Arrow Power Unit is available in EPA certified and Non-EPA certified options (for those with EPA exemptions). 

Running on pipeline natural gas (NG), propane (LPG), VPG, and wellhead NG (700-1,600 BTU), the Wildcat Arrow demonstrates flexibility, smarts and dependability. 

The Wildcat Arrow A54E (5.4L) delivers up to 75 horsepower while the KP6E (6.5L) delivers up to 105 horsepower. Both units run an engine speed range of 900 to 1,800 RPM.  The electrical system comes standard at 12 volts, with 24 volts optional. 

Applications Include:  Construction, Oil & Gas, Mining, and Agriculture.


  • LPG, VPG, NG, and Wellhead NG

  • EPA Certified Stationary

  • Available With the Arrow A54E Engine (5.4L) or the Arrow KP6E Engine (6.5L)

  • Fuel Quality Learning – No Fueling Adjustments Required

  • Telematics Ready

  • Optional Configurations Available

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