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The Maverick DC

Patented Power. The Maverick DC generator is the only one of its kind on the market space.  The Maverick DC monitors and maintains charge on battery banks using patent pending technology.

A “Green Solution” geared to operate when it is paired to a remote battery bank, the Maverick DC’s functionality requires less fuel consumption, reducing its overall emissions footprint.  The reduction in carbon output is driven by Maverick DC’s autonomy from the power grid and its dedicated focus to the battery itself. 

The model below shown in the optional “crash frame” enclosure.


The Maverick DC generator is dependable because it can supplement and monitor its paired battery bank when solar, wind, utility or even AC generator power is reduced by weather conditions or maintenance issues. 

As a completely autonomous charging station and its ability to charge different types of batteries – lead acid, AGM, Lithium Ion – the Maverick DC generator acts like a car’s “Air Bag”.  One never thinks about an air bag until it deploys but once it does, everyone is thankful.  So too is the Maverick DC, silently monitoring, ready to deploy when needed and able to prevent additional damage when and if the “Seat Belt” (AC Generator, Solar Panel or Wind Turbine) does not provide the needed confidence. 

Additional layers of cyber security and remote monitoring are included to provide confidence against grid hacking attacks and ransomware.

The most compelling features of the Maverick DC are the overall reduced capital outlay and operating expenses.  By increasing battery charging efficiencies and removing the entire location backup requirements, the Maverick DC is a 60% cheaper solution compared to a traditional AC generator for ensuring battery voltage charge.  It is engineered only to operate when required by the battery banks, which leads to an 84% reduction in fuel, maintenance, and operational costs. 

Today, the Maverick DC is deployed in industries such as Telecom, Railroad, 911 Systems Backup, Off-Grid, Oil & Gas and Residential, and is offered in custom enclosures, sizes, and even paint codes.

Each unit is assembled at our manufacturing facility in Wichita, Kansas.

Applications Include: Off-Grid, Oil & Gas, Telecom, Railroad, Agriculture, Maritime, Extreme Climate, Military / First Responder, and Remote Location.

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